International Alumni Relations Strategy Services

Gretchen Dobson and Academic Assembly will help you and your institution think holistically about how to build a lifelong relationship with your international alumni: Identify tactics for recruiting and retaining more international alumni volunteers; create budgets and infrastructure to support both short and long-term global planning; plan new and improved international events; and identify, develop and/or expand international volunteer management opportunities and practices.

The Importance of International Alumni Chapters

Today across the world, institutions are weighing the pro’s and con’s for investing in international alumni relations. Making the case for engaging international alumni via regional chapters or networks is easy when you consider these eight reasons:

  • Helps your institution create a global footprint of alumni engagement that supports its overall mission/vision.
  • Supports specific University internationalization efforts including:
    • International student recruitment.
    • Academic partnerships (research/education/faculty-visiting scholar exchange) and study abroad programs.
  • Facilitates networking among local alumni as well as re-establishes active connection between alumni and the institution.
  • Creates a framework for international alumni to serve as sources of undergrad/graduate internships, jobs, or other living/learning opportunities.
  • Helps promote the overall visibility and “presence” of the institution overseas.
  • Assists in fundraising and donor cultivation activities on behalf of the institution, including international financial aid for undergraduates from the home region.
  • Assists in building and strengthening the regional alumni database by verifying accurate contact information.