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COACHING: One step to move from readiness to action

Coaching GraphicYour institution or organization has committed the necessary leadership, staffing and budgetary support to begin to engage international alumni and, potentially, families. What’s next? Building a corps of alumni volunteers – the loyal and supportive brand ambassadors – should be one of the next goals. I recently guided Franklin College of Switzerland as their new alumni and parent ambassador admissions program moved from conception to reality. We did this in three one-hour sessions.

What if you find yourself having to prepare for your first international trip where you will be staffing the Vice Chancellor or President along with your supervisor or other deans and faculty? My recent work with UC Berkeley’s Law School included some travel management tools; my new client, SOAS (University of London), wants to focus on preparing for trips to Dubai, Doha, Singapore, Hong Kong and China. I’m glad to spend part of each of the next five sessions discussing contact and special event reports, ways to maximize time with volunteers (planning meetings, training, cultivation visits), and how to best decipher all the notes taken from the field and make meaning for you, the alumni, and, just as important, your supervisor and the institutional leadership.

Whether the challenges are being new to your role, short staffed, or not knowing how to prioritize next steps once given the “green light” to engage international alumni, I feel there is tremendous value in working one-on-one. My coaching is customized, personal and, ultimately, I want one thing: I want clients to succeed in meeting their objectives while also showing others the value of their work measured in many ways.